GROUP 2018 Agenda

The “Technology on the Trail” one-day workshop takes place in conjunction with the ACM GROUP 2018 Conference.  Sessions will be highly interactive, with lots of opportunities (and expectations!) for all participants to share ideas and contribute. Please note that all of these themes are still in flux and may change as the workshop approaches, so check back often to revisit themes.

Breaks are hosted by the GROUP Conference, so the times are fixed as 10:30am-11am and 3:30pm-4pm.  Lunch and dinner are not provided by the conference, but we hope you will use those times to connect with fellow workshop attendees.

Opening, introductions, and getting-to-know-you activity [facilitators: Scott McCrickard, Tim Stelter]

The workshop will begin with a review of the Technology on the Trail initiative, and related workshops and activities that have arisen in the last few years. Attendees will have the opportunity to introduce themselves and their relevant work. There will be an activity to help identify connections among participants’ tech-on-the-trail interests.

Who’s out there? What are they doing? [facilitators: Mike Horning, Lindah Kotut]

This session will explore the many people that take technology on the trail, examining similarities and differences in their goals toward understanding how conflicts arise and how they might be resolved.

Lunch and the lunchtime hike [facilitators: Steve Harrison, Melanie Trammell]

The lunch break (and the fortuitous conference location) affords the opportunity to explore how technology can be used on a hike in the area. This session encourages exploration of the Ding Darling Wildlife Refuge on Sanibel Island. Bring your favorite piece of hiking technology to the conference–mobile phone, camera, smartwatch, step counter, audio recorder–that can be used on a hike. Time after lunch will be dedicated to reflecting on the hikes.

Reflecting on data [facilitator: Melanie Trammell, Steve Harrison]

Hiking and other trail activities have the potential to generate large amounts of data, particularly with recent and emerging technologies that can meld temporal, biometric, location, and other data with minimal inconvenience to the hiker. This session will discuss ways that people could use data for planning, executing, and reflecting on hikes, and will speculate on possibilities from novel and emerging technologies. There will be a hands-on activity that addresses the pictures and other data that were collected during the lunchtime walk.

Crowds on the trail [facilitator: Tim Stelter]

Hiking is a popular pastime, both in the United States and around the world. Hikers often just want to hike, pursuing personal goals in solitude. But if every hiker is willing to make a small contribution toward a common goal, great things could be accomplished. This session will identify ways that crowds can contribute to the common good, focusing on roles for technology in this endeavor.

Closing and future directions [facilitator: Scott McCrickard]

This brief recap will set the stage for future interactions and collaborations, putting names and deadlines next to the to-do items that arose during the workshop.

Dinner at Doc Ford’s