BOOK RELEASE PART 2: HCI Outdoors: Theory, Design, Methods and Applications

Our book received its first public unveiling at this year’s ACM SIGCHI Conference in May 2022.  HCI Outdoors: Theory, Design, Methods and Applications, from Springer Publishing, is an edited volume of contributions from 18 groups of authors in academia, industry, research labs, and think tanks who are defining new ways that technology is explored, designed, and tested for use in outdoor settings. The book consists of five sections: Rural Contexts, Willed and the Wild, Groups and Communities, Design for Outdoors, and Outdoor Recreation.

I provided a full description of the book in a previous post upon the release of the book. The SIGCHI event served as an opportunity for chapter authors to gather with the publisher and talk to interested readers. Despite an absence of many authors who had Covid concerns and other conflicts, six authors and editors were able to stop by the booth, and there was lots of interest from conference attendees.

My co-editor Mike Jones and I are brainstorming future ideas for the HCI Outdoors efforts–maybe a follow-up workshop at a future SIGCHI or another conference, partnership with companies that produce and distribute outdoor-related technologies and apps, and grants and publications with other academics and researchers. Please contact us if you’re interested in joining us in these efforts!

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